30 Fabulous European Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

Rootedness, simplicity, coziness, heritage, home. These words explain the interest with European cabin home programs in this glitzy, alienated, modern age. For those that do not enjoy the notion of living in a cold, inhuman, ranch-style box, the love of country living in a simpler era has boundless appeal. Initially, throughout the Middle Ages, cottages were the normal dwellings of plantation employees and their households.

The term”cabin” supposed the home of a cotter, or tenant farmer, who worked on a huge manor for a lord. Early cottages weren’t only small, standalone homes but also whole farmhouses using a small lawn and a barn for animals. Later on, during the industrial revolution (in the eighteenth century onwards), employees would be housed in miners’ cottages or weavers’ cottages.

Nowadays cottages are frequently utilized as weekend or summer getaways — frequently by the beachfront — from urban dwellers trying to escape the sound and rat race. They’re often built as leasing properties in popular tourist places. But generally when folks think about a cabin they imply a rural house in the conventional British country cabin home plans style with stone or stucco siding, asymmetrical lines, one-and-a-half stories large, and with cool roof and steep gables — the total impression being a snug, storybook look.

Madison Lewis